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About Us


Currently Singapore’s only internationally awarded classical vocal ensemble, The Singers Vocal Ensemble draws from a long history of choral music in Singapore. Our members hail from the leading chamber choirs such as the Singapore Youth Choir and the Philharmonic Chorus.

With the aim of contributing towards Singapore’s canon of choral music, The Singers collaborates frequently with local and international composers. In 2007, we presented Made-in-Singapore, featuring 7 new Singaporean works. Representing Singapore globally, we were the first Singaporean ensemble to perform at the then newly opened Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre in Malaysia and the first to present a full Singaporean choral repertoire the following year. 

The Singers also received top awards and special mentions at competitions in Europe, winning Best Small Choir in the 16th International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music (Prague) and receiving the Festival Grand Prix with full marks from the jury at the 1st International Festival of Advent Music (Bratislava). We were also the first Singaporean vocal ensemble to perform live on Bratislava’s national radio as the winning ensemble. 

In 2014, The Singers Vocal Ensemble had the distinction of being the first Singaporean group to compete at the Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest in Japan, and took home top awards including the only Gold award for Baroque/Renaissance category, 2nd Overall choir of the contest and 3rd in the Special Grand Prix.

We have since successfully held over 10 concerts and have presented over 20 Singapore premieres, more than 10 Asian premieres and 10 World premieres, and have worked with several local and foreign composers, commissioning many new works.


“Living Composers. Living Music.”

Embracing “living” as both adjective and noun, the Singers Vocal Ensemble adopted this motto in our attempt to further the cause of the vocal ensemble.

Premieres and Commissions

While discovering choral works modern and ancient, we also seek to explore works that are both newly created and those that have not yet been heard of or performed here.

We believe that the health of any art form is first judged not by the performance or the performers but by the people who create/compose for that art form and the created work itself; for the world can possess the best of performing talents, but without the material to challenge the skills and perception of the performers, the art form will never grow (and neither will the performers).

Through our choice of repertoire and commissioning new works for vocal ensembles, we would like to believe we are helping to keep this art form relevant. We also hope to be a platform for Southeast Asian composers.

To date we have worked and are working with local composers, Leong Yoon Pin, Goh Toh Chai, Hoh Chung Shih and Kelly Tang, upcoming young composers, Chan Zhuo Min, Americ Goh and Chen Zhang Yi, Malaysian composer, Juliette Lai, Indonesian composers, Ivan Yohan and Budi Susanto Yohannes, well-awarded young Asian-American composer, Kentaro Sato and Spanish composer, Delfin Colome.